The 4 Causes of all Disease

The Cause of Disease

Over the past year, it has become increasingly clear that “pathogens” are not the cause of disease. I have and continue to work with those who carry the label of things like “chronic lyme” or “EBV reactivation” or “candida overgrowth” or “bacterial overgrowth.” However, I’ve found it difficult to even talk about these labels the same as I once have.

I’m finding it’s a mistake to communicate in this way, because not only do I think it’s completely inaccurate or at best incomplete, but it often can keep the notion alive that a body was attacked by something for no rhyme or reason. This can perpetuate that the germ is the main problem, and keeping the individual as a victim to such attack.

What’s more, this individual often spend years trying to KILL this entity at all costs. I’ve seen repeatedly that this approach does not fair well, not only physically but also emotionally. Holistic medicine will be the first to claim that the germ is not the place to focus, yet they will also talk about lyme or viruses or parasites as one of the roots of dis-ease.

My clinical experience paired with heavy research this last year has clarified what’s more likely going on. Actually I can’t leave out one very important source of information. Nature. It’s the real teacher. I observe it as my greatest source of data. When you watch closely it spills the secrets.

We are not separate from this natural world no matter how hard we try to be. In the natural rhythm of things, you’ll notice the microbes are not the enemies but rather the friendly flora that assist in recycling of materials and metabolizing waste and toxic products.

In a world were people are not severely poisoned or nutrient deficient, this works beautifully well. In a place where most are, things go awry and the microbes take the blame. We are greatly missing the mark.

Parasites are a consumer of all your waste. Bacteria and fungus are a recycler of your by-products. They are playing a role to assist the larger organism to handle its deranged internal physiology. The more toxic someone is, the more flora needed to assist in that job. The more poisoned you are, the more of these guys needed.

Does that mean it’s a picnic to be loaded with parasites and fungus in your blood? And since these guys in essence are ‘helping,’ shouldn’t it mean it shouldn’t cause damage? No. There is a price to pay when one is this toxic. When these microbes are on overtime metabolizing the larger organisms waste, they also give off their own metabolic waste products and you can see the feedback loop this creates.

In fact, there is a concept known as Pleomorphic Theory. This describes how the body will literally generate these flora based on the state of someone’s bodily fluids and tissues.

The more malnourished the cell, the loss of electrical charge of cells, the more coagulation, the more stagnation, less drainage – the more these microbes literally are morphed into existence to assist with the organism’s composting. We see the same type of evolution happen with a stem cell, it will change based on its environment.

The solution is not to just kill them off , but rather stop poisoning oneself and work on innate pathways to support clearing that waste so the microbes and parasites don’t continue to recycle away your tissues, yielding less damage, more growth and rejuvenation.

In fact, I find that almost all true attempts at killing a “pathogen” simply defers a worse problem down the line. Case in point: antibiotics. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen use antibiotics for “chronic lyme” only to then have severe debilitating consequences to the gut, energy, nerve conductivity, and cognition a few years later.

The symptom: the rash, the acne, the blisters, the discharge, the puss, the cough, the runny nose, the mysterious symptoms, these are the body’s response to help rid the body of something it needs out. The residual tissue damage from antibodies (autoimmunity) is the result of not purging of the waste properly or soon enough and consequently compromising structure.

So what does set the environment up for what we call disease? I narrow it down to 4 basic principles in the following video presentation:


1st Pillar: Physical Trauma

— TBI Traumatic Brain Injury, even mild injury to the brain can start the shift of health and affect neurological function including gut function.

— Anatomical Abnormalities. Structure dictates function.

— Subluxation, particularly at the level of the brain stem

— Dental Issues, Surgery and Scarring

2nd Pillar: Emotional Trauma

— Persistent psychological stress (Imbalanced ANS tone)

— Transgenerational Trauma

3rd Pillar: Inflammatory Lifestyle

— SAD – the standard American diet

— Conventional dairy and animal products. Antibiotics, hormones and loss of proper enzymes

— Blood sugar dysregulation, usually secondary, will show up due to all of the above

— Lack of Movement

— Separation from nature and her elements, impacts electrical charge of body impairing communication cellularly

4th Pillar: Environmental Toxin Exposure

— You might not even realize you’re picking these up every day

— Fluoride, a known neurotoxin

— Mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic

— Glyphosate, through water and food

— PCB’s, Dioxins, Bisphenols, other organophosphates

— Electro-smog: radio-frequencies, magnetic and electric fields, even doing everything right you still can’t control your outside environment

In my opinion, these 4 pillars are the core issues of what starts the degradation of the physiology.

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  • Petteri Sahinjoki
    August 13, 2022

    If viruses do not exist and bacteria itself cannot do harm – where we need immune system?
    Maybe better call it antipoison system or detox system?

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