Red Light Bulbs For Optimal Sleep

Let’s talk about sleep! We know sleep is very important in immune health so it’s something to prioritize in any healing journey. Sleep is the time we do our best detox and our most restorative healing. If our sleep is subpar, then detox will be too. One way to get better sleep? Red light bulbs!

If you haven’t made this adjustment to your sleep oasis, I think it’s worth giving it a try!

Consider removing all white light sources 2 hours before bed. Try swapping out specific lamps with red light bulbs rather than regular light bulbs.

Think about the areas you’re usually lounging around at night. Then, limit your light source to using those red light specific lamps 2 hours before bed so you’re able to avoid all white light.

This will limit harmful blue light and excess flicker that even blue light blocking glasses can’t completely protect you from. Getting into this routine before bed will hopefully help you more easily drift off to sleep!



A simple red light bulb! These lights are great for nighttime lighting and general use. Simply switch out a few of your lamps and stick to red lighting at night! (Find the Lightbulbs: HERE.)


Other than red lights, you also want to make sure your other light sources are beneficial to your health. These flicker-free task lights are great for day or night, taken from the Centric Home definition:

“Flicker-free light output means that the rays of light emitted by the bulb are constant and uninterrupted, so you can rest assured knowing that the negative health effects such as headaches, fatigue and eye strain – previously associated with artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights and early LED bulbs – are eliminated.” (Find the Lightbulbs: HERE.)


These lightbulbs from Chromalux are great for general use, try to use 100 wattage or higher if your fixture can operate that high. As defined on Chromalux’s website: “100% flicker-free, low in blue light, EMF safe, and absolutely beautiful.”  (Find the Lightbulbs: HERE.)


Although glasses are not lightbulbs, they help in the same way! They eliminate 100% of blue and green light. Many glasses available today are cheap and don’t actually block what they say they do. I know these Blubox Blockers have been personally tested by the EMF expert I trust. Blocking blue and green light is crucial for melatonin production and sleep. You can get 15% off with Code DETOXDOC. (Find the Glasses: HERE.)


Red Light Therapy is crucial to reduce the flicker stress when you’re on computer/tv screens. It adds in the missing infrared light and bathes the entire room in healing infrared energy.

The light is fully shielded and provides grounding ports to ground your computer desk. Which is why I had to include this EMF Photon Light as an option to reduce flicker light stress. You can use code DETOXDOC5 for 5% Off. (Find the Photon Light: HERE).


And lastly, how about these wonderful little tea lights! They’re great to have on hand for night lights so you don’t have to flick on a bright light to find your way around. (Find the Lightbulbs: HERE)

You can also use a similar battery-operated night light option, that functions more as lamp. (Find it HERE).

Find yourself needing additional ways to help yourself sleep like a baby?


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— Try melatonin + adaptogenic herbs or herbal tea – I often suggest Tranquinol which you can find via my online pharmacy through Fullscript.

— If possible, place the head of your bed at east or south

— Block out ALL light while sleeping, including around windows

— Write down any to-do’s before bed, for the next day

— Diffuse jasmine or lavender before bed – I love using Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils that you can find HERE. If you’re just getting started, you can find a diffuser HERE.

— Create a tech-free room and/or unplug all outlets before sleeping

— Breathe 30 Win Hof breaths, prayer, or meditation – best done without a device! You can find my Win Hof instructional video: HERE

— Clutter-free and minimal furniture in your sleep space

— Cozy natural pajamas, or sleep nude

— Cotton/linen bedding which you can usually find for an affordable price at Goodwill, or consider Bamboo Sheets from Simply Organic Bamboo Sheets (HERE) with 25% off using code “detoxdoc”

— Expose bedroom to natural light in the morning with window shades wide open

— Adrenal support within first 30 mins of waking for cortisol awakening response – I often recommend Tranquinol, StressCalm Px by Restorative Formulations, or Organic Olivia’s Adrenal Recovery

It’s important to remember…

Please, please keep in mind these tips are in ADDITION to other ancestral ways of living. Spending time outside, getting sun, moving the body and eating whole foods are the backbone to a healthy lifestyle and getting wonderful sleep every night.

I’ve consulted people who complained of sleep disturbances but when I asked them what exercise they were doing, they told me NONE. 🙁 In the past, before we sat around on devices all day, we were out in the elements, sweating, lifting heavy objects, walking everywhere. The body is designed for this. It won’t sleep well if we’re not doing these natural activities.

The best sleep I’ve ever gotten consistently was when I worked on an organic farm for several months. I came home so physically exhausted in a good way, I knocked out on my bed in my filthy clothes! There’s nothing better!

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