So then WHY Is It So Darn Hard to Create, Attract
or Manifest Whatever Is In That Blank Up There?

Well if You're Like Me, You Keep Getting
Snagged Up on a Few of the Following Things...
Pain Below the Surface That
You Really Haven't Dealt With Yet
Feeling Worn Out & Defeated By
Life Sometimes
Being Robbed of Peace of Mind
by Daily Anxiety, Stress & Survival Mode
Not Quite Sure How to Fully Break Away from Negative People or Environments
A Low Vibrational
Chakra & Surrounding Aura System
Self-Doubt and Always Questioning Yourself When Something Goes "Wrong"
Aware of Some of Your Psychological Patterns But Not Sure HOW to Stop Them
Know What You Want But Have a List of Doubts Pop Up When You Think of It
Believe It or Not, It's POSSIBLE...
To STOP Fighting Against Law of Attraction.
To STOP Doubting Yourself.
To Turn Yourself Into Vibrant, High Vibrational,
Manifesting Magnet.
And to get to the bottom of WHY you can't
seem to attract that very thing you've been asking for.
And, Master of Manifesting Does Exactly that.
Wait. What Is
Master Of Manifesting?

Master of Manifesting is a 11 Module guided program that rewires your self-sabotage to self-care, wipes clean your old emotional and psychological hangups and paves the way towards exactly what you've had your heart set on in 60 Days or less.

This means you'll go from constantly striving & struggling to feeling absolutely confident you have a full guide and support system as you move towards exactly what you want over the next 60 days.
You'll Unlock Success In Your Relationships, Finances, Health
& You'll Become A Magnet For What You Need & Want.
A Program That
How To...
  • Relinquish control & enter a "flow" state
  • Let the universe get to work for you
  • Attract the right people & opportunities
  • Travel to your dream destination
  • Attract the partner of your dreams
  • Start a career you absolutely love
  • Start your own business
  • Turn around a failing relationship
  • Get out of depression & anxiety
  • Become financially wealthy
  • Overcome intense fears
  • Recover from past hurt
  • Raise Your Vibration
For Real Attract Anything with
The 8 Areas of Focus in the Program:
Neglect in one of these areas can make the difference between buying your
groceries on a credit card OR buying the house of your dreams.

Costs You LESS than
Yep, that's not a typo. That's 50% LESS than your favorite coffee!

That means you will get the full Master of Manifesting program and start implementing the absolute best techniques out there for turning yourself into a magnet, raising your vibration and CONSISTANTLY manifesting things big and small. Stick with me, it's possible!
Master of Manifesting Has 11 Modules
of Life-Changing Content:

Find out exactly what level of manifesting you fall into with my full comprehensive assessment. Discover where you're falling short and what to do about it now. Limitlessness starts in this module!

This tool alone is worth 100 bucks! Create your very own "manifestation lookbook" with our super fun, fabulous & customizable template. PLUS learn the highly effective formula (that million dollar businesses use) for fueling your desires with ACTION.

The secret is no longer the secret here. Unlock that extra bit of mystery you never quite understood about "the secret."

Uncover the 6 forces that keeps setting you up for failure after failure AND keeps you returning to the same life circumstances and how to stop it at the core.

Learn the absolute best tools I have used to supercharge myself and clients as a magnet so the universe bends at your sheer will. Get intensive and detailed guidance on each tool one-by-one so you are clear on what tools will work best for you.

Map out your personal dreamline in all areas of your life: relationships, finances, health and your big dreams. Use techniques to tap into your subconscious and dissolve your biggest blocks. It's shocking how GOOD (and quick) these techniques work!

Find your sneaky limiting beliefs and flip them upside down with a step-by-step process that high dollar therapists charge hundreds for.

I'm talking resolving inner conflict that keeps second guessing yourself, resolve past grief or loss that you are still holding and EVEN re-establish your self-esteem.

This training is THE training that puts the mystery of law of attraction to bed. Learn how to really pump up the volume in your frequency (in ways you probably haven't done before) so you get on that same wavelength as that dream of yours.

Time to make the universe take notice and hear you out. Print out the super straightforward and highly effective vision board. Plus learn how to go beyond just superficial wants and manifest directly from your most AUTHENTIC self!

Unload that dump truck of stuffed down suppressed emotional baggage you've been carrying around. Use several techniques to draw up those emotions and finally move through, move on and release. These emotions definitely weigh down your vibration after all.

Don't be ruled by bad karma and juju. Learn what karma really is and how you can use your karma as universal jet fuel. PLUS Cut your energy sucking and vibration lowering karmic bonds.

After 10 modules and already starting to manifest what you want, you'll be ready to dive even deeper into full transformative healing. Learn all the stages of healing and how to navigate each phase throughout the course of your life. Most people remain in stage 1 or 2 their entire lives. Not you though!

So Why Should I
Listen to You?
I get it. We may not know each other all that well yet. And you sure as heck don't want to be throwing money away on a program that just doesn't deliver.

But here's the thing, I have only created this program simply because I knew I HAD to get these techniques and step-by-step processes out to others who desperately need them.

You see, I'm not just another random person trying to jump on this online bandwagon, I've seriously used every last one of these techniques to follow my ultimate dreams to become a doctor, to manifest my dream man, to emotionally heal and I could go on and on.

By training, I'm a chiropractor trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and applied kinesiology. Also as a energy worker trained in pranic healing, I'm no stranger to the sublte energies of the body and how it effects every last thing in our lives.

I struggled and I struggled hard for years. Abuse showed up in my relationship, deep depression and anxiety for years that kept me often afraid to leave my house, in and out of hospitals and was broke as a joke.

The techniques I share in this course have time and time again allowed me to manifest my way right on out of that depressing life!
Ready to Master Your Relationships, Emotions,
Money & Personal Power?
When You Buy Now,
Snag These Killer Bonuses:
Dispose & Elevate
Active Kundalini Meditation
Just Breathe.
Bust Through Anxiety
Chakra Energizer

Enroll Today
& Get the Full Package...
LIFETIME access to the full 11 module Master of Manifesting course: Priority access to all 20 + videos, 22 guided audios, checklists, worksheets and cheatsheets.
Value - $497
BONUS 1 - Dispose & Elevate Guided Kundalini Meditation.
Let's face it, we all know doing meditation is crucial if we want to stay centered and up our vibe, but so often we neglect it. Get 100% guidance on a meditation that actually quickly raises your vibration.
Value - $29
BONUS 2 - Just Breathe! Guided Pranayama.
So many of us walk around with anxiety, high stress and just not breathing well. Pump up your energy by learning exactly how to breathe correctly AND do the 9 highly energizing breaths which truly has transformed many clients lives.
Value - $39
BONUS 3 - Ignite Guided Chakra Alignment.
Set your whole chakra system ablaze and light yourself up from the root to the crown. You'll feel like a new person with this technique!
Value - $29
When you add it up, that's a
total Value of over 600$
Master of Manifesting
for as Low as $175 Today
Single Payment of $175
Single Payment $399
*Includes everything + private one-on-one coaching call with Dr. Steph - 1 hour call. This call will focus on any aspect of YOUR life you need help in (finances, relationship, health, energy healing)

for 60-Days Risk Free

Try the first 60 days of the program and if
you still don't get results, get a full refund!
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have questions or need help during the course?
As a student in Master of Manifesting you can email us for support anytime and we will get back to you ASAP as your emails always have top priority to us.

How can I access the course once I purchase it?
The online course is beautifully laid out on a privately accessible website. Once you sign-up, you will be directed to the course platform and will use your user name and password to login.

How long do I have access to the course?
You will have lifetime access to the Master of Manifesting course. This means you lock in your spot even when we update or add additional content or bonuses.

How much time do I need to commit to the course?
We developed the course to be user friendly for people on the go. This means you can work through the lessons at your own pace and even listen to the videos & audios on the way to work or in the gym.