I"ll give you everything you need to go from horrible health
to renewing your body inside out - all backed by science.
Do you think you're eating in a way that turns ON or OFF the genes for disease?
I'm thrilled to introduce you to ZeroPoint cleansing,
The FASTEST method to solve stubborn health issues, CALM crazy hormones, REMOVE the root of virtually all disease WITHOUT spending thousands on specialists, tests, alternative therapies AND WITHOUT feeling deprived and hating your your life as you do it.
Let's talk qualifications. I have a bachelors in biology, went pre-med and now a doctor of chiropractic, applied kinesiologist, and further trained in functional medicine and traditional chinese medicine.

I've spent a quarter of a million dollars on formal education. Thoroughly trained in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and also interned in clinics to give me a solid backing -- AKA I'm not your average "health coach." I've got the experience paired with formal credentials. How's that for modesty? :)

With love,
Dr. Steph
What a ZeroPoint Cleanse Offers You

Downloadable, easy step by step plant-based recipes that don't hold you hostage in the kitchen (this means you have lots of TIME!) Food addictions NO MORE!


Hormonal balance. Mental & Emotional Stability. No more feeling crazy. Feelings of happiness for no apparent reason and no more cranky mood swings due to wonky hormones is what so many members report.


Dr. Young and team guides you from start to finish. We guide you to solve your own health issues using food, supplements and holistic methods that work. You'll learn how to become your own greatest asset in your health recovery.

Hear from Other ZeroPoint Members
Absolutely love Dr. Young! She is so personable and knowledgeable, and gives you personalized attention as well! I did the 12 day cleanse, and not only did I learn some new recipes that I LOVE, I felt great too! My eczema almost cleared up completely during the cleanse, as well as my energy levels increased! I cant say enough positive things about her and her programs. It has been a real life changer for me! I have tried programs led by other people. Hers are the best! I would recommend anyone that is considering it, to not hesitate! You won't find a better mentor."
Brianna Miner
"I finished the cleanse and it went really well for me. It wasn't as strict as I thought and I feel great! I've been giving some of the smoothie recipes to my husband and he likes them. I've lost some pounds and I really do feel my energy has increased! I'm sure I want to do the cleanse again. My husband may also try it too. Thanks again!!"
This was my first time ever trying a cleanse, I was always to scared of the unknown. I'm glad I tried it! I found it easier than I expected. I think the meal plan was what helped me. I felt healthy, light, energetic, less bloated! I ended up loosing 6.9 lbs! Thank you to Dr. Steph Young for the cleanse!!"
Angela Sears
"I have MORE energy and specifically I felt happy for no particular reason at all. My period was heavier which made me happy since I hadn't felt it was normal before. I'm definitely more inspired to eat this way much more often.
About Dr. Steph, Founder of ZeroPoint Cleansing
She reversed nearly all her scary symptoms by cleansing with plants only, even when specialists had no idea what was wrong. They told her she had "fibromyalgia" and "chronic fatigue syndrome." Contrary to popular belief, she didn't die of protein deficiency being 100% plant based. Quite the opposite -- she healed!

She spent 15K on conventional testing like blood work, MRI's, CT's and tons of other tests and specialists, only to FINALLY develop her own system to recovering.

She's been studying and doing cleansing, detoxing and fasting routines for over a decade, long before she became a doctor.

This protocol has helped her previous patients in clinic and now she exclusively offers programs for for people around the world. She no longer accepts patients, she focuses solely on online programs to those who desire to help themselves.

If you've ever wanted to know how to say HELL YES to life, DO more, see more, experience more ...then the next few scrolls will make you a VERY happy person.

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