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Do Detoxes Really Work?

The top 4 myths about detoxes.

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After spending over 15K on lots of tests, I thought it was likely I had multiple sclerosis. 

I had some serious neurological stuff going on. I had numbness in my legs, tingling in my arms, I could barely even brush my hair my arms would get so tired. My hormones were also completely whacked. 

I started having blindness in one of my eyes. One day I woke up and legitimately couldn't see out of one eye. And on top of it I was getting more and more depressed and dealing with lots of anxiety. 

I was told that I had chronic fatigue syndrome, or one doc said I had fibromyalgia. I was told that I needed to relax and stopped being stressed. 

They all prescribed antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds and sedatives. One doctor actually recommended I take antacids! Yes, antacids!

After years of only having drugs thrown at me, I finally decided to ditch the approach of conventional medicine, I went off on my own, to really figure out my health crisis.

I dove head first into "alternative medicine" and quickly learned it wasn't all that alternative and much more ancient (and effective) than I had ever known.

I wasn't sure if detoxes even worked, but gave it a go. I began detoxing my body, flooded my body with nutrients using lots of whole food supplements.

Within a few weeks I started to feel better than I had in 4 years! Even the anxiety and panic attacks improved.

In 4 years of my search and in dozens of different doctors offices, not a SINGLE person recommended a anything related to nutrition. Not ONE recommended anything OUTSIDE of a pharmaceutical drug.

So hear me when I say, I know personally that detoxes DO work.  Cleansing is one of the BEST ways to reverse health issues like autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, neurological conditions, and digestive issues - without drugs or surgery! 

You just need to find the right one for you. 

I've heard LOTS of misinformation going around about detoxing.

While many of the anti-detox arguments are well-intentioned, they miss the big picture.


This MIGHT have been true many years ago, but nowadays many doctors are now privy to the science of nutrition.

Many medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and functional medicine docs are recommending the need for regular cleansing. 

And now many of them are starting to offer various detoxes in their office. 

To be fair, It's no secret that most medical doctors don't receive much nutritional training.

Most medical students are still getting less than 20 hours of nutrition education over 4 years, and even most of that has limited clinical relevance. There are no requirements for nutrition before medical school either.

Instead, med students take courses like calculus, organic chemistry, and physics. Most of these pre-med requirements are really not useful to the practice of medicine and mostly used to “weed out” students.

Unfortunately for them to learn much about diet and nutrition, they must spend the time and money going through a postgraduate programs to learn about natural methods for health.

So be sure you're not relying on information from a doctor not up on the latest research surrounding food and nutrition. 

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There's lots of evidence that eating in a specific way, using particular supplements will help support the body's natural detoxification processes.

One small study showed that just a short 7 day detox reduced symptoms by a significant 47% compared to the control group. There was also a 23% increase in liver detoxification capacity, as reflected by the caffeine clearance measure. Further, there was an increase in the urinary sulfate-to-creatinine ratio after treatment, indicating a trend toward improved liver function. (1)

Most detox programs vary, so choose one that focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet. This is really what is backed up by science. 

Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the “father of functional medicine”, writes: “Specific foods and their nutrients determine … the effectiveness of your detoxification process. Compromise the detox process, and a toxic load of substances builds up in the body and poisons your metabolism.”

Also, The Institute for Functional Medicine has written a a huge textbook on the science of detoxing, one used to train doctors. (2)

This book is loaded with peer-reviewed scientific articles that provide evidence to support the benefits of cleansing and detoxing. 


Detoxing is not about a quick fix nor is it a quick weight loss scheme.

The reality most of us are not going to eat perfectly life long, we are going to indulge and we are going to have periods in our lives that we don't eat and drink what serves our health.

That's exactly why detoxing provides the best of both worlds. We know now that temporarily restricting your diet and intermittent fasting actually increases longevity and health. (3)

So that means when we do balanced detoxes, we can reset our health. This allows the body to function much better than it was.

Just simply by eating in an anti-inflammatory way, symptoms can fall away, hormones balanced, stubborn weight lost and even autoimmune conditions greatly improved or reversed. 

And when we do a cleanse semi-regularly like once or twice a year we can really do a world of good for our lifelong health, reducing risk factors, and even living longer.


The safety of cleanses or detoxes depends on the quality of the program. Many detoxes can be dangerous (like full on juice fasting or the Master Cleanse) when done without a doctor's supervision, especially if you already have some health issues going on.

However, a cleanse that focuses on whole foods, allows enough calories and utilizes safe and effective vitamins & minerals is far from dangerous. Actually it DECREASES your risk factors, so NOT doing this type of thing for your health is what is dangerous. 

A properly balanced cleanse is not only safe, but one of the BEST ways to return to zero and eliminate a whole bunch of problems without drugs or surgery!

P.S. If you're serious about getting to the bottom of your current health issue and are ready to give this cleanse stuff a try, I'm telling you you won't regret it. So don't forget to check out my signature 21-day cleanse program (plus there's a 7 day prep period) -- It's called 30 Days to ZeroPoint!

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