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Plant-Based Recipes / 3 posts found

Vegan “Crab” Dip

by Dr. Young
I was in a vegan funk. Day after day I was eating the same stuff. I needed to spice things up a bit and do something fun and creative. I've used this recipe to make appetizers for my man, I've made a "crab" sandwich with it and also have used it as a salad topper. It's definitely my new favorite quick snack. 

How to Do the Ketogenic Diet Vegan

How to do the keto diet as a plant-based vegan. Get an exact menu plan for how to get enough healthy fats and plant-based protein.

Quick & Simple Vegan Pizza

by Dr. Young
You know I've never really been a huge fan of pizza. Most pizza seems so low quality and made me feel bloated after, so I never ate it much anyway. But I know I'm the oddball among most people with that! However, recently I went back to being vegan and found myself craving pizza. So I got to experimenting with different kinds of vegan cheeses and I think I nailed it. This recipe is a great quick dinner or an easy snack (without the added inflammation from diary). And personally I love it much more than that "regular" pizza. It has a really fresh and creamy flavor without the bloating afterwards.