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Benefits of Heat Therapy

The Benefits of Heat Therapy

by Dr. Young
The first step of any good holistic healing approach includes up-regulating drainage. After-all being poisoned and holding onto toxicants or rather the inability to excrete them is one of the major causes of dis-ease. Ancestrally, we would be outside throughout the day, vigorously sweating, moving and getting all the beneficial wavelengths of light to go with it. To heal, we must move back to those rhythms as much as we can. We also can use a second-best option to support the body. In earlier times, saunas were a place to not only heal but to gather with the community. Finnish […]

TOXICITY OF MERCURY: Don’t Expect Those Who Profit to Be Truthful

by Dr. Young
Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation banning 24 toxic chemicals in cosmetics, making California the first to stop the use of these poisonous ingredients. (1) “Every day, Californians are exposed to hazardous chemicals hiding in their cosmetics and personal care products. Children, communities of color and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to these ingredients, which are not actively regulated by the federal government.” ~ Gavin Newsom It’s a good day when some of these toxic chemicals are being recognized for what they are. Victory. However, the issue here is why does it take so long to protect people from these industries […]
Fluoride, the neurotoxin still in use despite confirmed safety issues

Fluoride: The Neurotoxin Still In Use Despite Confirmed Safety Issues

by Dr. Young
When it comes to fluoride, the United States is behind the rest of the world with its continued use. To most people, fluoride is most commonly known as an ingredient in toothpaste or something you receive at the dentist’s office in order to ‘prevent’ cavities and tooth decay, especially for children.  This is because research once linked high levels of naturally occurring fluoride to low levels of tooth decay.  Because of this theory, starting in the 1940s, fluoride was added to tap water under the assumption it would help prevent tooth decay and cavities, or so that’s the story.  Today, fluoride can be […]
Detox on a budget, contrast hydrotherapy

Detoxing on a Budget: Contrast Hydrotherapy

by Dr. Young
“Detox” is a general term used in holistic health that refers to removing toxic products from the individual’s environment and/or utilizing methods and therapies to up-regulate the body’s inbuilt detox systems. This can be done for all of our emunctories: the liver, kidneys, lymphatics, colon, skin and lungs. Ever heard someone say “detoxing” is not necessary because “the body already does it?” Or ever heard someone say it’s “pseudoscience?” This is the equivalent of saying there’s no benefit to working out because the body already knows how to burn fat on its own. Or there’s no benefit to breath-work techniques […]

EMF: What You Need to Know & How to Protect Yourself

by Dr. Young
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies and in this context we’re talking about man-made, non-native EMF. Yes, there are natural EMFs such as the visible and invisible energy from the sun. There are also natural frequencies and magnetism from the earth.  Some will try to claim that since we’re always exposed to these frequencies naturally, the ones we’re exposed to in the modern world have no significance. Exposure to this radiation has increased by a quintillion times in the last 100 years and increasing every day.   The sheer amount of frequency we’re exposed to nowadays not only has been shown to […]