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My Top 8 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

How to Turn the Worst Anxiety into Inner Power

Blog- 8 Ways to Resolve Anxiety

I made a HUGE impact on the severe anxiety, panic and depression I've had so many years with specific techniques & remedies - but I've kicked and screamed nearly the whole dang journey.

They've been so helpful that I'd be down right sadistic not to share them with you when so many people suffer from the doom and gloom that is anxiety & depression.

Anxiety. What a journey I've had with this one word for the better part of my life. Today, I've learned to engage with my anxiety in a playful way and I'm able to not take it so seriously anymore.

But trust me, to get here I fought HARD. Anxiety has been the ghost that haunted my every move, my aspirations and even my relationships.


The harder I fought it, usually the harder it beat me down with only small time spans of reprieves. Anxiety has taken me into the darkest moments of my life, in which it was absolutely unbearable to live.

Sometimes I'd wake up in a complete panic in the middle of the night, thinking I can't go on one more day like this - not one more second.

It got so bad, I was afraid to even leave my house. I thought this is it, I've gone crazy! And when I'd manage to leave my house, sometimes I'd have such a bad panic attack, I'd rush home in tears, shaking like a leaf and feeling like a total failure.

Conventional Treatment for Anxiety

1 in 6 U.S. adults are taking a psychiatric drug.

Today, it's common. So many of us are suffering. Anti-depressants being the main drug prescribed with anti-anxiety meds following just behind. Zoloft, Celexa and Xanax are leading for the win.

In the worst of times, I finally gave into the doctors' prescription pushing and there I was on an anti-depressant which later turned into sedatives like Valium and Ativan.

Looking back now, 6 years removed, I can say now it only placated me, it did nothing for the root cause. It postponed what I needed to face all along.

Which for the record, sometimes we need a bit of a postponement. Sometimes we just aren't ready to go deep into our suffering. Or sometimes we just don't even know where to start. So don't even think about beating yourself up over that.

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety usually is multi-faceted.

The reality is anxiety can stem from physiological issues like hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune disease, emotional & mental disturbances, past trauma and more.

Sometimes the anxiety you are dealing with could be as simple as a nutritional deficiency or explained by a thyroid issue. All of which can be tested for. More on what exact tests to do below!

For me, it was so NOT simple. I had to deconstruct every aspect of my life to get to the root of that bugger. I had to dig skeletons out of my closet, monitor my thoughts like a underpaid security guard, and piece together what was going on with me physically.

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Symptoms of Anxiety
So let me ask you this...

  • Do you experience panic attacks or start feeling very anxious in specific situations?
  • Do you have repetitive thoughts? Like "what if this happens?" or "what if I have a panic attack now?"
  • Do you feel you don't have much control over your thoughts once you start feeling a bit of anxiety?
  • Do you find ways to numb or escape feelings of anxiety with food, drugs, alcohol, or some distraction?
  • Do you ever feel like you're going crazy and just can't understand why you feel the way you do?
  • Do you feel other physical symptoms like light headed, nauseous, irritability, or insomnia? 
Pin- 8 Remedies for Anxiety
8 Steps to Transform Anxiety into Inner Power

1. Stop calling it "My Anxiety."

It's not yours, because it's not you. I often say "my anxiety" just to keep things simple when I'm sharing my experience, but I am very clear internally that it is not mine.

It's a pattern that I've adopted early on in life as a way to protect myself. It's simply a pattern and it is not who I am.

2. Get Checked for Obvious Physical Conditions.

You want to rule out the most common physiological issues for anxiety and even depression. I finally discovered that I was severely deficient in vitamins B12, C and D.

I also was very low in iron and selenium. And to top it all off, I had an autoimmune condition called pernicious anemia as well as subclinical hyperthyroidism. ALL of which are known to cause anxiety issues.

Let's take just one for example, B12. The research has shown that it can cause a full blown mental meltdown (psychosis) if you're low long enough.

This stuff is no joke. You MUST make sure you're not deficient in these nutrients nor have an underlying condition.

So at the minimum get the following checked from a laboratory:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D Total, D2, D3
  • Iron Total & Total Iron Binding capacity
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Metabolic Panel
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Complete Thyroid Panel (Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, TSH)

You can ask your doctor for these tests or if you have a high co-pay or don't have insurance, it's likely cheaper to buy them online. This way you can go to a lab in your town very conveniently. Very easy and affordable.

3. Start Journaling Your Symptoms.

One thing that helped me was to discover when I experienced anxiety at the highest and piece together any triggers or patterns.

After a few months I uncovered that I had the hardest times, the most intense anxiety and panic attacks when I was just about to start menstruating.

Once I saw this correlation it allowed me to be extra gentle on myself during those times and give myself the freedom to not have to "face" anything during that period, pun intended.

We must dig deep to have the courage to face the stuff that causes us anxiety, but be sure you're not doing it in a time that is specifically extra sensitive for you.

4. No, Do NOT Sit & Meditate.

Ok, I see the quick drop of a line "try meditation" as an advice on many forums for anxiety. Now to be clear, I'm obsessed with mediation mostly because I know just how so very helpful it was for me in my darkest hours. BUT with that said, I do not recommend your typical sitting meditation.

We know meditation really helps though, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that meditation had a beneficial effect on anxiety and improved stress reactivity when faced with a stressful challenge. (1)

For us who tend to be anxious, we got that way by suppressing a TON of emotion and that emotion is all pent up in different parts of our body. So I recommend one type of meditation, Active Meditation.

This type of meditation allows you to get those repressed emotions out. It may seem weird at first, but I'm telling you it is a game changer (as much as I hate that phrase - it is!)

You can find some active meditations on youtube, type in "osho active meditation."

5. Say No to Power Yoga.

I'm being a tiny bit dramatic here, but my sentiment is sincere. Again I see a lot of advice to do yoga for those suffering with anxiety and/or depression.

Now at face value yes, take up yoga. Getting your body moving on any level will for sure be a good thing.

After all it's shown to work for anxiety in the research. (2) BUT! I've taken ALOT of yoga classes and about 99% of them were not true yoga, they were some version of power yoga or simply deluded to a mere exercise routine. 

If you take a yoga class that has been distilled down to an exercise, it actually can make the anxiety worse or make no dent at all.

This is because most yoga is taught as another thing to do, to achieve and poses to master. A legit yoga session will actually take you to your true center.

There you'll get to experience who you are, the true you, under the anxiety, under all the self expectations, all the struggling. And that experience is life changing for anxiety issues.

So I'd find a teacher that learned from a true master or guru, someone who has really been immersed in spiritual exploration.

6. Do a Full Detox.

The research shows us that there's a clear connection between psychology, physiology, behavior and diet. A poor diet, lacking vital nutrients can cause anxiety, nervousness and a yoyo effect on blood sugar. Also the more weight you gain, the more toxins you will retain.

This means it's harder to push out the certain toxic compounds like heavy metals that can cause brain disturbances.

Eating a diet full of anti-inflammatory food or doing a really great detox can really help with anxiety. Not only do you push out some toxins, you also balance hormones, begin to heal the gut lining (which has been shown to be linked to psychological issues if you have a "leaky gut") and reduce chronic inflammation.

So basically eat more green leafys, fresh berries, unrefined grains, avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds - and limit coffee and alcohol. Get my free formula for making the ultimate detox smoothie here.

Research shows us that eating foods with a high glycemic index can contribute to anxiety and depression. Sugar and refined carbohydrates will give you blood sugar highs and lows throughout the day, increasing anxiety and the feeling of fatigue. (3)

In fact doing a detox was my very first step back towards reclaiming my life from anxiety, panic and depression.

You can get started easily & inexpensively with a 12 day mini cleanse or if you're really ready to change your life, jump into the 30 day fully guided holistic cleanse.

7. Take Herbs & Supplements for Anxiety - They Really Work.


Ashwaganda has been shown to be very effective for anxiety. It works by removing free radicals from the brain that can cause degeneration and exacerbates anxiety.

This herb is an adaptogenic herb meaning it improves the health of your adrenal system, the system that's in charge of managing your body's hormonal response to stress. (4)


A double-blind, randomized study in Germany found that an oral lavender oil capsule was just as effective as Valium, a sedative medication often given for severe anxiety patients.

Using lavender capsules was so helpful to me I started including them in my Anxiety Soother Boxes I created for my clients. (5)

Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

Vitamins and minerals that I've mentioned before like D3, B12, B6, vitamin C, selenium, zinc and magnesium are crucial. You should be taking a whole food supplement that covers all of these and one that offers the activated and bioavailable forms of these.

You don't want to go the cheap route with your vitamins or they simply will come out in your urine due to the body's inability to absorb them.

Mary Ruth's Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral are absolutely superior at this. You get all the nutrients you need in just 2 tablespoons a day.

You simply take the liquid multi vitamin in the morning and the multi-mineral before bed. This nighttime formula helps you relax and ease into sleep.

I actually put the liquids in my smoothies. Or if you'd prefer to take tablets, I recommend Pure Synergy's Vita Min Herb. Awesome supplement that I has helped me tremendously on my journey as well.


Studies have found that kava really is a great first approach for generalized anxiety disorder with few side effects, which are all considered mild. (6)

There's a great product I use all the time called, Anxiety Soother by Herb Pharm. It has kava as it's main ingredient or you can just take kava alone.


Now if you take a complete multi vitamin & mineral you'll likely get a good dose of selenium. Mary Ruth's Liquid Nightime Multi-Mineral has a solid dose of selenium.

However, you can also take it in tablet form if you'd prefer. Just be sure to get Selenium Methionine and you can take 200-400 mcg per day. This really helped with my anxiety symptoms.

8. Get Real Deal Chiropractic Care.

I'm a chiropractor by trade and I know first hand how different each chiropractic is and what he/she offers. I guess it's no different with any profession really.

For anxiety & depression I'd absolutely recommend seeing one of two docs: an upper cervical chiropractor or a network spinal analysis chiropractor.

Both of these techniques really address the area of the spine, the parasympathetic nervous system, known to calm the body and the nerves. (7)

You don't just want to be racked and cracked. Often that can just put too much input into the nervous system and jumble everything up.

You need a skilled chiro working on your upper neck and/or pelvis to gently free up any interference in the spine so you again are reconnected to that inner healing wisdom that sits, often obstructed, inside of you.

You can find an upper cervical doc here.

You can find a network spinal analysis doc here.

If you choose to use any of these herbs for anxiety, do so under the guidance of your physician. Also, make sure your doctor knows what other medications you are taking in order to avoid dangerous interactions with herbal supplements.
Top Anxiety Remedies Conclusions
  • Do a plant based, whole food detox.
  • Do active meditations and undertake traditional yoga (not the western kind).
  • Start taking a high quality multi-vitamin & multi-mineral supplement daily.
  • Try herbs and supplements like ashwaganda, kava, lavender capsules and selenium.
  • See an upper cervical or NSA chiropractor.

If you're overwhelmed and need even more guidance, email me at support@TheZeroPointLife.com. I know how hard dealing with anxiety can be and I'd be happy to assist you further.

Or if you'd like to grab the Anxiety Soother Box I use for myself and clients that has all the meditations, multi-vitamins, minerals and herbs I've talked about you can get that box here.


  • Dr. Josh
    November 1, 2017

    Hey Steph! Awesome advice. You have helped me over the years understand many aspects to our emotions and health. I remember meeting you as you were going through some of this and to see your transformation has been truly inspiring!

    I had no idea that I had anxiety m but as it turns out almost everything I did was anxiety…I was legit living in an anxiety state all the time. To get out took a mix of things which include every one of your recommendations. Thanks for sharing your story and wisdo

    • Dr. Young
      November 2, 2017

      Oh yes, you’re right, I was going through some rough times for sure. Yes I totally hear you. I’ve come to understand that most of my life has been in angst and I never was at ease. It just become so obvious when it manifested into constant panic attacks, but yes I was same, always in some anxiety even before I was conscious of it. You always helped me understand things even better and our conversations I always enjoy and feel more empowered because of them!

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