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4 Reasons You’re Tired All the Time

Not So Obvious Causes of Low Energy

Blog- 4 Reasons You're Tired All the Time

People area dragging themselves through the day, the week, and through their lives. You ask them how they are doing and so often sentiments like "surviving" or "managing" are expressed.

And what are they doing? Just "killing time" they say. Or when you ask "So how have you been?" a "just very busy" is oh so common.

What a bummer. A life of stress, boredom, unhappiness and always being busy will exhaust anyone.

If you're wondering why you feel so blah in life and why does it all feel so physically tiring, then listen up.

At ZeroPoint, I am always diving into the physiology of the physical body, one of my favorite things to do of course.

This time I'm going to cover not just the physical component, but also a few less obvious emotional & mental reasons your body is dragging and running out of gas.

It's all connected. And actually believe it or not, in my experience, it's likely more emotional & mental, rather than a physical reason as to why you feel so low and exhausted.

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#1 Bottling Up Your Emotions

In an effort to be "happy" or "positive" many people will actually deny their true emotions. Studies have shown this to be incredibly destructive and even linking it to disease.

Trying to feel happy or positive when you in fact don't feel that way, not only doesn't work long term, it actually makes you more unhappy.

Your mind and your heart are not dumb dumbs. They know when you're trying to pull one over.

So when you try to paint on that smile or say you're okay when you're not, every part of your being knowns you're lying to everyone and more importantly, yourself.

To lie even on that seemingly small scale takes up energy. It takes emotional and mental energy and that will tire you physically.

Especially when you're doing it all the time. Being authentic takes almost no energy at all compared to pretending to be okay when you're not.

I've dealt with so much anxiety in my life that I used to wonder, "I'm a good person, why do I have so much anxiety, whereas Suzy is a wreck, always negative, yet she doesn't seem anxious at all?"

And it dawned on me, ah, yes. Because she's not pretending. She's not denying.

Yes, she's always saying something seemingly negative, but she also doesn't hold back, she doesn't stuff it down. She gets it out.

Meanwhile for years, I'd try to talk myself into being "positive." I tried to tell myself to just relax and I'd fight that anxiety tooth and nail.

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Now I must be blunt.

Positivity means squat. It really means nothing when it's not absolutely genuine.

In fact, when it's genuine, it wouldn't even be called positivity. It would just be called sincerity. 

If you to distract yourself away from an emotion in an effort to not feel it, it's like trying to yank out a tick hastily and leaving part of it in your skin. You feel ahh, it's out, thank god!

Meanwhile part of it is still lurking there, part of it is still deep in your skin. Instead, you must be responsible and skilled to remove it from your skin fully.

It's the same with every single emotion, don't try to quickly throw it out and cover it up. When you can't bear the pain of an emotion and try to run from it, parts of it stay with you.

Those parts isolate themselves in your body. You may feel it as a pit in your stomach, you may sense it as low back pain, it may manifest as regular headaches.

Now check this out. When we feel emotional pain, the same areas of the brain get activated as when we experience physical pain: the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex.

In a study done by Matt Lieberman, the same region activated for physical pain was also activated when people experienced emotions from social rejection. (1)

This is clear in all kinds of studies on emotion. According to Dr. Laura Kubzansky, a professor of human health and development at Harvard School of Public Health, people with great emotional vitality have a much lower risk of developing heart disease compared to the less emotionally expressive. (2 & 3)

Here are my recommendations to stop suppressing emotion (the deeper ones as well as the every day triggers):

  • Stop saying you're okay when you're not.
  • Vent feelings with a close friend - not to solve anything, just to vent.
  • Do active meditation (it has a phase to specifically get suppressed emotions out).
  • Scream & shout periodically even when it feels weird.
  • Do Somatorespiratory Integration (SRI) by Donny Epstein. It reconnects your body with suppressed emotion to free up that energy. I have an inexpensive course called Awaken, that does this similar thing as well.
iphone mini course
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#2 You're Off Balance & Uncentered.
Sounds like I'm talking about your tire alignment or something, doesn't it. If only it were as simple as going to the mechanic down the road to get our alignment altered ha!

But just like your tires, if they aren't aligned, if they aren't balanced, your tires (and your whole car) will wear out much faster. It'll also feel like a much rougher ride.

Great analogy for life, because when we are off center, lose that grounding of who we are, everything is HARD. Actually very hard AND tiring.

I experienced this first hand. I went through a period where life felt so terribly hard. And how can that be so?

I live in America, live in a nice home, have food, electricity, a car, money - I mean ALL my needs are met. Why would it be that life is hard? Logically it doesn't fit.
Copy of Copy of HI THERE! I'M copy

This is not uncommon for many of us. One of my favorite guru's said, it makes sense to suffer your bondage, but people today are suffering their freedom.

He meant that for the people who don't have food, who are starving, who are full on trying to survive day after day are suffering their limitations, their bondage, which makes perfect sense.

Many of us have so few limitations anymore, most of us have vast freedom because our basic needs are met. Yet, we are still suffering.

We a literally suffering because we have freedom. (4) The freedom to choose, to do, to be. And it's exhausting -- WHEN we are not centered.


Humans are rooted & centered in one specific spot. The navel. In Japanese it's called the hara.

When a child is born, she is completely centered around the navel. Her whole world was possible because of the navel center.

But as society moves in, education and logic another center dominates, the intellect, the mind.

Western society focuses on the head and why so many of us feel lost or empty. This is why so many people are obsessed with sex or activities that force them not to think.

In those moments of no-mind you are pushed back into your life center, to your navel, your hara.

There is no thought here, just being, just pure life. You become free from the very chains you've been living in within the mind - temporarily.

When you become centered, you no longer feel heavy, lost or an intense anxiousness.

You become light, less serious, you feel at home within yourself and life does not feel difficult and you no longer feel exhausted. It no longer feels like a fight.

When I experienced this, I was shocked at all the weight I had been carrying. How tiresome it was.

So how do we reconnect to our life center?

Simple practice to do this.

1. Every time you feel anxious, anytime you feel sad, angry, sexual or any strong emotion don't let it get away. It's full of energy!

2. Take that energy, that emotion and imagine putting it right below your navel.

3. Keep building that navel center up with energy. This simple technique not only adds energy to your life center, it transforms the very emotion just by doing this.

#3 Stagnated Relationships

One major player here that I want to touch on (as it relates to how well you feel) is your relationships. The quality of them to be exact.

A 78 year long study by Harvard found that the biggest predictor of your happiness is the quality of your relationships. (5)

Those who were felt more connected to their family & friends were happier, physically healthier, and lived longer.

It was found that feeling lonely was toxic and those who felt isolated were less happy, their health and brain functioning declined earlier, and they lived shorter lives.

Also a major review found that people with stronger relationships had a 50% increased likelihood of surviving disease compared to those with weaker relationships. (6)

And more specifically having a satisfying romantic relationship is crucial for overall life satisfaction and well-being.

So this likely isn't news to the "well duh" part of your brain. If you've ever been in a pretty bad intimate relationship you know very well that it is absolutely draining and affects how you physically feel.

You may notice you're sick more often, feel a pit in your stomach or just feel uneasy often when you're in this kind of situation. It's so important to be in relationships that feel supportive to us.

A relationship in which we can express ourselves and be who we are is crucial to our health. It's equally important to feel connected to that person you spend so much of your time and energy on.

When these things aren't there in your relationship, you'll feel it and it will most definitely drag your energy down into the dumps.

If you have been feeling drained or stunted in any relationship of yours, it is likely time to re-evaluate if it is worth the taxation on your health and well-being. 

#4 You're Likely Inflamed & Toxic

I've covered 3 emotional & mental ways your energy is being bogged down and manifesting itself into crumby health.

Now that I've made it clear that how you handle your emotions, stress and relationships are big predictors on your health, I can dive into a more physical one.

I'm talking toxic build up in your cells, tissues, organs and specifically your brain. Our poor bodies have taken a beating in a very direct way.

There are literally thousands of toxins we come in contact with burdening the body, causing conditions and making it very difficult for the body to do it's normal functions.

A growing body of scientific evidence shows that the widespread use of synthetic chemicals harms our health in big ways.

The incidence of many serious health problems have dirt links to exposure of chemicals that interfere with the process of growth and development. (7)

Now when I mention the word "detox" some people roll their eyes. Because the concept of flushing out these mysterious "toxins" form the body seems merely theoretical and the science really isn't there (many claim).

Well to be fair a general concept like "detox" CAN'T be studied. However, the specific diet, herbs and supplements can be and have been.

Research like...

A 15-year study on sugar and heart disease that showed participants who took in more sugar were more than twice as likely to die from heart disease as those whose diets included less sugar. (8)

The Western-style diet, often poor in specific micronutrients, is linked to the increased prevalence of diseases including allergies, food allergies, atopic dermatitis and obesity. (9)

So hear me when I say "detoxing" is simply temporarily eating a diet, supplements and herbs that have been shown to reduce chronic inflammation, restore blood sugar balance and improve blood chemistry.

When these things occur, the body is naturally equipped to do what it does well, move things out that is damaging it.

Instead of detoxing, we should call it de-flaming, as in consuming foods and substances that reduce the burden of chronic inflammation and allowing the body to recover on its own.

That's all it is, folks.

What detox is best?

Eat plenty of organic, raw fruits and vegetables (or gently cooked). Your water ideally should not be city water.

You want fluoride and chlorine free water. Reverse osmosis is the best at this or you can get cheaper options to remove these chemicals.

Avoid dairy, meat, processed foods, grains, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine during your detox.

Stay completely away from "fat free" products or "sugar free" products as most often they are laden with dozens of harmful substances. Remember it's only for a period of time.

During this time period, it's advisable to take some additional nutritional supplements like whole food vitamins and minerals.

I'd also make sure I'm getting a clean plant based protein, my favorite being hemp protein powder.

I also bulk up on probiotics and sea veggies as they are packed with tons of often depleted nutrients in the body. My favorite is Raw Reserve.

I'm telling you eating this kind of low glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet for a period of time is transformative for the physical body.

Less inflammation, less pain, more energy and better immunity.

My 12 day mini cleanse is great to get started with that or my 30 day guided cleanse is brilliant for those who are really ready to make some major changes.

4 Reasons You Have Low Energy Conclusions
  • Reconnect to your emotions with techniques like active meditation and somatorespiratory integration exercises. 
  • Re-center and balance yourself by focusing energy into the belly center (the hara). 
  • Release relationships that are draining you and have completely stagnated. 
  • Change up your diet to reduce inflammation and your toxicity load. 

If you're overwhelmed and need even more guidance, email me at support@TheZeroPointLife.com. 

Or feel free to check out the Mini Cleanse I use for myself and clients that has all the supplements, menu plans and recipes for a plant based cleanse.

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