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3 Self-Indulgent Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

My Unhealthy Reasons for Sippin' on Green Drinks

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Let's be honest, we all have that inner fat kid that wants to sit in front of the T.V. snacking on a whole box of girl scout cookies.

Our brains are hard wired for immediate gratification like that. And likewise I'd be a big fat liar, no pun intended, if I said I was any different.


I always say I'm the healthiest unhealthy person there is. Because listen, I like my sweets and snacks like the best of them.

I too delight in a treat or two - or heck 3 or 4 from time to time, but this one habit of day green drinkin' has kept me rather healthy and prevented me from sliding back into chronic illness.

Before I perfected my 4 phase detox and I was all sicky sicky, I did A LOT of things that turned my sorry health around. But this one, is the one I still to this day - without fail, every single day.

No matter what I eat, if I go way overboard on some cookies or if I am a good girl and eat in way that make all the gluten free & vegan gods proud - either way I ALWAYS, always have my healthy shake.

So often times when we go rouge and fall into self-destructive eating territory before we know it we are sitting in a pile of Reeses wrappers, we just think eh, well it's a loss cause today - ah well.

I'm here to tell you NO! It's never a loss cause. Get your health shake in, no matter what the previous damage or later damage you are planning.

In fact, if I know I'm about to indulge I will 100% get my shake in before hand. So what do I mean?

Self Indulgent Reason #1

You can eat junk and not feel as crumby afterwards.

So speaking of those pile of Reeses wrappers you sometimes find yourself in (maybe?) how do you feel afterwards? It's not a pretty sight is it? After about a half an hour or so the regret sets in.

When you get a very nutritious green smoothie in prior to that indulge, you prep your body to handle the high influx of sugar that's about to head in.

This is because your smoothie is packed with fiber which is known to slow the spike of sugar. It's that sugar yo-yo that can leave you feeling moody, low energy and yucky.

Fiber is not digested in your intestines. Soluble fiber bulks up the thickness of the intestines after you eat and slows carbohydrate digestion and glucose absorption because of that (1).  

If you absorb too much sugar too quickly your pancreas produces extra insulin to help take out the excess glucose from your blood and transports it to your tissues.

Say hello fat storage! That extra glucose gets converted into triglycerides in your liver and to your surrounding tissues.

Plant based foods also have what are called phytonutrients. Polyphenols are a type of phytonutrient that can help control your blood glucose. Polyphenols are present in whole grains, but not in refined grains.

Green tea and berries are especially rich in polyphenols. Phytonutrients lower the spike of glucose after eating starches.

Self Indulgent Reason #2

You can eat junk and still look great.

Have you ever seen a person who was 30 but looked 40. Then it all made sense after you discovered they smoked, ate fast food everyday and drank coke with every meal.

Yeah, no surprise there. What you eat will definitely affect your skin, your eyes, wrinkles and how quickly you loose elasticity in your skin. If you're thinking you can use a fresh load of nutrition and anti-aging antioxidants then grab my free guidebook on how to detox with smoothies. 

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Ultimate Smoothie Detoxing - Grab the FREE guidebook here.

So check this out. A pilot study in the LANCET Oncology found that in just three months of a whole food plant based diet, the biochemical process that speeds up aging can be slowed. 

Each of us has 46 strands of DNA in each cell. Those strands of chromosomes are coiled up inside with a 'cap' at the end which is called a telomere. And as we age these telomere are shortened.

When they get short enough, we die. So when we prevent our telomeres from getting shorter and shorter, we slow the aging process. (2).

Secondly COLLAGEN! The stuff that keeps our skin together and looking firm and supple. The body constantly is manufacturing collagen to maintain and repair connective tissues lost to daily use.

Without vitamins like vitamin C, collagen formation is completely disrupted. Let's take scurvy as an example. Scurvy is caused by vitamin C deficiency. The body quite literally falls apart as collagen is not maintained.

Joints deconstruct as tendons weaken, blood vessels crumble and hemorrhage throughout the body, teeth loosen and gums erode. In time, all tissues weaken, leading to death (3).

So when we don't get plenty of vitamin C and other much needed vitamins and minerals we slowly break down, age, and it shows on our skin, in our face and in our eyes as the most obvious signs.

Self Indulgent Reason #3

You can eat junk and still curb weight gain.

Now hear me out on this one. If you are steadfast in getting in a green smoothie or 2 every single day, I'd wager you will in fact maintain a healthy weight if not lose some weight. 

This is because not only are you slowing the process of glucose uptake as I already mentioned (which will turn into fat otherwise), you are also more likely to balance out hormone levels. 

Blood levels of hormones such as estrogens, progesterones, and prolactin influence tissues like the breasts, ovaries, and uterus, are dependent upon your diet.

One mechanism that contributes is the recirculation of hormones. For example, estrogens, made in the ovaries and the adrenal glands, are secreted into the blood stream and then pass through the liver and then into the intestine.

To prevent re-absorption by the intestine, these estrogens are combined in the liver with a non-absorbable substance.

A poor diet encourages growth of the bacteria in the colon that allow those once non-absorbable estrogens to now become "free."

Then the “free” estrogen is absorbed back into the blood stream, resulting in higher total levels of estrogen. This re-absorption of estrogens can contribute to development of breast cancer or hormonal imbalances.

Fortunately, fibers present in fruits & vegetables help block the re-absorption of “free” estrogens found in the colon. This means better hormone balance, less estrogen dominance and less difficulty losing weight (4). 

The Bottom Line...

Bottom line reason to drink a green smoothie (or 2) every day is that you can still carry on eating your normal guilty pleasures.

Now I only say this to you (not to encourage bad habits) but to actually encourage that you don't need to eat perfectly to start somewhere.

And I can say with confidence if you start here, with a green smoothie a day, you'll likely be drawn more and more to what adds legitimate high vibrational energy to you. 

Now I wanted to give you my exact recipe that I use every single day.

This recipe has been engineered by me over the years to be the simplest, quickest, least amount of sugar smoothie - YET easy to drink and has the biggest nutritional bang for my buck.

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Dr. Young Talks About This LIVE!

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