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Heart Disease – What REALLY Causes It

by Dr. Young
I’ve been reading Human Heart Cosmic Heart by Dr. Tom Cowan. On one hand it’s been blowing my mind, yet on the other, it’s no surprise that it’s consistent with what I keep uncovering in the literature and clinically. He is one of my favorite medical doctors as he practices a true art of healing and I have such gratitude for his contributions. I highly recommend this book. WHAT CAUSES HEART ATTACKS? Does science have this figured out and are treatments actually effective? This is near to my heart, because my dad had bypass surgery a few years back.  Heart disease is the […]

BLOOD SUGAR IMBALANCE: The Root of Multiple Conditions

by Dr. Young
Is it really adrenal fatigue?Is it really PCOS? Is it really heart disease? Is it really Alzheimers? Is it really fibromyalgia? …or do the roots of these conditions have to do with blood sugar dysregulation? If you’ve been given gobs of adrenal supplements because you were told you had adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue, but the needle isn’t budging in your recovery than there’s likely more to the story.  Dysglycemia (any abnormalities in blood glucose levels) is often silently present in those who struggle with many types of conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmunity, migraines, hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, infertility or […]